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Tomer @ thegood vibes

The music of George And The Good Vibes is a global dish - rich in flavors
and marinated in influences from the Middle East, Africa, the Caribbean
and Latin America. Afrobeat horns, Latin Jazz scales and hard hitting
polyrhythmic grooves are most evident in the band's eclectic sound.
The compositions are original and written by Tomer George Cohen.
The band’s line up consists of no less than10 members: a drummer,
bass, 2 Electric Guitars, and 6 horn players.
Although the band's core members are always present,the sum of the
group's parts is constantly changing and it's lineup is elastic. On stage, one
can expect a tight front of blazing horns backed by furious percussions and
held together by the rest of the master instrumentalists, delivering
a dense mixture of sounds.
George is currently working on his Third album .Whether on record or on
stage, through the club’s speakers or your hi fi system - the dynamic, multi
cultural and eclectic sounds that is George and The Good Vibes are hard to resist.

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