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Raanan Havusha

A Jazz guitarist, composer and arranger, 27 years old, based in Tel Aviv.
In his music you would find nice and mellow melodies besides energetic and warm playing
with a touch of ethno and rock sounds.

Grew up in the Galilile (north Israel) were he got exposed to many different kinds of music, Arabic, Electronic, Reggae, funk, rock and more.

Influenced by Pat Metheny, Wes Mongamery, Joe Pass, Jimmy Hendrix, Jimmy Page and Greg Howe.
Graduated high school Manor Cabir's music major, Graduated the Academic jazz program of the Israel Conservatory with the New School and about to finish his academic studies at the Jerusalem Academi For Music and Dance..

Studied guitar with jazz guitarists Shai Chen, Ofer Ganor, Hezi Hiat and Avi Ben Dov.
Expressing a big variety in his playing Raanan having gigs around Tel Aviv and currently working a new music video including saxophonist Daniel Zamir and Bass palyer Tal Mashiah..

Raanan led the quintet Northern Lights Ensemble last year, played in a Reggae band "Ochaka"
in Thailand,

in a indiain music trio in india, played in a gypsy jazz trio in india, sang in "Tzalul" acapella ensemble and played in Reuven Malcha's bid band as lead guitarist in his early 20's.

Leading his own quartet Raanan is looking forward for a new E.p to come in the next summer and a show at Beit Haamudim in march.

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