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Sandia brings Innovative Jazz music, which incorporates Ethnic and Fusion and can touch a large variety of audiences through a special mix of groove, fascinated melodies, and complexity.
Sandia is a Quartet consisting of saxophone, piano, bass guitar, drums.
The music is original and influenced by many genres. While Jazz is in the center, one can recognize in it Ethnic tastes, through Jewish and Israeli music to Arabic music, and Fusion elements. Asymmetric rhythms as well as of polyphonic melodies that are complement and contrary at the same time is major features in the compositions.
Though complicated, the melodies are captivating and groovy so that many people can even find themselves singing them after the show.
No one can stay indifferent after listening to the quartet, as the playing is exciting and full of emotions.
Many concerts were held around Israel in festivals and pub gigs, among them one of the most considered Jazz venue in Israel - Beit Haamudim.
The group members have different musical backgrounds and experiences such as Jazz classics and even Hip-Hop styles.

Drums – Shany Dar
Bass – Lior Nachmias
Piano – Shauli Shoub
Saxophone – Dekel Epstein

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