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YOMA arose out of spontaneous sessions performed by

close friends.

Playing the compositions of Avi Adrian led the four group members

to create a unique and intriguing musical language.


The explorations of musical space leads to a movement.

The idea of a free and yet synchronized movement develops between the players and is the core element in defining YOMA’s music.

This movement is the wellspring of the groove, the melody, and the relationships between them.

When movement exists, the Jazzy ideas are instantly improvised through tribal fusion and ethnic elements, elevating the listener to emotional, enchanting spaces.

YOMA released its first album, "Tribal Grooves" during mid-2019.
After touring featuring materials from their new album, the group is now working on its second album, which they expect, to record soon.


Avi Adrian - Piano and Keyboards

Mark Rozen - Saxophone

Yossi Cohen - Drums.

Offer Ram - Bass.

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