Hadar Reiss

My name is Hadar Reiss, I was born in the 6 of March 1987.
I am professional musicians that play Trumpet and Flugelhorn.
I began learning music at the age of 8 and since the age of 10 I have been playing Trumpet.
I attended the Givatayim Conservatorium where I studied classical music and played in the brass band.
During my school years I played in various local bands and orchestras as a lead Trumpet and took part in
music camps for talented teenagers.
In high school I was incredibly lucky to study four years of classical music under the renowned Zvi
Ostrovsky a bass Trombonist who played for the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra for 34 years.
I graduated with a major in Jazz Music from the Thelma Yallin School of Music in 2005.
In 2004 I played in the Jazz orchestra, Big Band, representing Thelma Yallin in the IAJE congress in New York City and I have also visited and played at the Berkeley Orchestra in Boston, USA.
From the age of 16 to 23 I played in the Jazz Orchestra of Mr. Abram Felder, veteran and a great lead
Trumpeter, with whom I also studied Jazz playing and improvisation.
Since 2004 I have played every year for the City of Givayaim at the Remembrance Day and Independent
Day ceremonies.
In 2007 - 2008, I received a scholarship to study at the "Rimon" school of Music with a major in Jazz
Music. Whilst studying at the "Rimon" school of Music, I took part in the Jazz Festival at the Red Sea in
cooperation with the senior teachers from the Berkeley School of Music (Boston)
and the Rimon School of Music (Israel) and in collaboration with some of the world's leading jazz musicians including Richard Bona, Chris Potter and Randy Brecker.
In 2007 I played in the "Notzar" Theater in Jaffa on the musical production of "Eretz Boshet” starring Uri
Ravitz, Dina Golan, Mutzy Aviv, Shlomo Tarshish and others. The production was first place winner of
“2007 Innovative New Production” awarded by Fringe.
In 2008 I played with a professional jazz ensemble for different audiences in Cape Town, South Africa.
Between the years 2006-2008 I played the lead Trumpet in the band tribute to “Blood Sweat and Tears''
and “Tower of Power”. I also have the privilege of playing with leading professional jazz orchestras across
the country that have included some of Israel's leading artists such as: Rama Messinger (deceased),
Gil Shohat, Eli Gorenstein, Edna Goren, Hagit Goldberg and Leonid Patashka.
From 2013-2015, I taught music, Trumpet and brass ensembles to elementary schools. This included
study groups, conductor courses and musical management of various orchestras as well as music
fundamentals and theory.
Also since October 2013 I have been teaching private and group Trumpet lessons at the Nechama
Telpaz School of Music. In addition, I hold musical workshops for children and teenagers with brass
instruments including tools and demonstrations of musical styles associated with the Trumpet.
I play the lead Trumpet in the musical Evita at the Habima Theatre starring Shiri Maymon, Ran Danker
and Aki Avni, awarded “Best Production” of 2015 and have been featured on the radio and
television and in the media.
I take part in leading professional events productions around the country and I also play in various
recording studios for singles, albums and musicals. Since the beginning of 2016 I have been regularly
studying jazz and improvisation with the renowned and great jazz Trumpeter, Nick Mondello from New
York. In May and June 2016 I took part in the ITG conference in Los Angeles, California USA, for
professional Trumpeters.
There are many more milestones in both my professional and personal life that have led me to where
I am today.